with novoville

Get involved, improve your neighborhood

Report issues, request services, make payments and tell your opinion. Right from your smartphone!

  • Report issues in seconds

Rubbish collection, potholes, housing, street lights and numerous other issues can now be reported directly to your Council. Receive real time updates as they get fixed.

  • Express your opinion

Respond to polls and surveys, comment, evaluate and co-shape the future of your city.

  • Stay informed

Receive announcements, messages and alerts on city events, emergencies and anything else happening around you. Have a live city calendar on your palm.

  • Find answers

Frequently asked questions, procedural details and anything else that will make your interaction with your Council easy.

  • Pay and/or submit a form

Find useful forms, apply, pay online or even call the right department.

  • Points of Interest

Use the interactive maps to locate public buildings or the pharmacies that are currently open.

A new Report

in 5 steps

1. Mark the location of the issue

2. Snap a photo

3. Select the issue-type

4. Describe anything else you consider important

5. Submit!

Your report arrives on the screen of the city administration

in seconds.

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