novoville is a Citizen Engagement Platform, that bridges the gap between local governments and their citizens in an innovative, efficient and citizen-focused way.

novoville, a subscription based service, helps councils deliver amazing customer services through a free mobile app for citizens and a cloud dashboard for council services. novoville has 13 different modules – so councils can pick and choose the things that are most relevant for their needs, ranging from problem reporting to real time service requests, e-forms, payments and surveys, novoville is entirely transforming citizen engagement and interactions with council services while saving money for local authorities.

novoville transforms the way citizens interact with their councils by capturing incoming citizens’ requests for services, delivering and monitoring response, hearing their views and integrating this seamlessly into organisational workflow.

Using the app citizens are able to report problems they come across on-the-go, respond to surveys, make mobile payments, submit requests and get important news and updates. Requests arrive directly to the city administrators. Any updates on the progress of the requests are communicated in real time back to citizens. Citizens get informed about important news, announcements and alerts while have access to POIs through live city maps. They can express their opinions through short surveys and initiate discussions and volunteer activities.

Authorities manage requests in real time, have access to interactive maps, communicate with citizens through any available medium and leverage data to define priorities and make data-driven decisions. The system captures several types of data, which includes every interaction between citizen and council, these interactions are then translated into meaningful and real time KPIs that help Councils make data driven decisions, ultimately saving money. All of this, made available at a fraction of the cost to other systems and methods of operating.

The novoville system is an out-of-the box, modular and customizable technology that integrates with existing or legacy systems.

Civic engagement presents us with an opportunity to transform our communities. Through active participation in our communities we are able to identify and address social challenges that are specific to our society. Civic-minded people see themselves as being a member of a larger social fabric and their collective responsibility to shape one’s society for the better. We can either participate in the governance of our communities or become nations of spectators.

When it comes to local governance, it is also worth noting that there is a persistent “expert-bias” in decision-making. The general intuition being that those who are steeped in the subject matter will make more informed decisions than say, a random group of strangers. Some parts of this assumption are correct, most importantly that having access to quality information is key in decision-making. However, it has been shown time and time again that crowds make smarter decisions than experts, given the right conditions.

novoville provides the key elements that can tackle both of the above arguments. Make citizens more aware, more engaged, more responsible. Make authorities more open, more productive, more transparent.

novoville operates as a unified communication channel between local authorities and citizens while reinventing the decision making process in a participatory way, giving citizens the ability to express their opinion on city-related matters, an opinion that matters and can be counted/quantified.

novoville empowers citizens. Using the free novoville app citizens are able to:

  • Report issues on the move (potholes, broken bins etc.)
  • Receive real time updates as the issue gets fixed
  • Make service requests (certificates, applications etc)
  • Make mobile payments (parking permits, fines etc)
  • Be notified about important news, announcements, alerts and city-related events
  • Respond to polls, participate in discussions and shape the future of the city
  • Access city services directly from their mobile phone
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions
  • Have access to a live calendar of events and important dates
  • Find Points of Interest
  • Submit other e-forms

And many more…

Authorities have access to a web-based dashboard through which they can monitor and administer the city. Incidents that need fixing and other service requests can now be seen in real time, there is access to interactive maps and tools to communicate with citizens through any available medium. Most importantly novoville provides ways to leverage on the collected data, define priorities and optimize operational performance.

Engage citizens and resolve Issues:

  • Real time list with all requests
  • Multiple segmentation filters by function/department/location/issue type
  • Automated assignment of each issue to the department/employee/contractor responsible
  • Dynamic e-form creation
  • Effective monitoring and real-time workflows
  • Keep citizen in the loop with automated notifications as the request gets resolved

Operate Efficiently:

  • Better resources management
  • Reduced operating costs / channel shift
  • Process automation
  • Real-time statistics, KPIs and multiple reports for service optimization
  • Integration with existing infrastructure

Communicate better:

  • Reach citizens on their mobile phones 24/7/365
  • Ask their opinion through polls and surveys
  • Send push notifications on important events and city alerts
  • Utilize any other available medium: SMS, email, Social Media, in app messages
  • Listen to what citizens discuss on social media and make targeted campaigns

Make data-driven decisions:

  • Leverage data and define priorities
  • Have real time KPIs in one place accessed from any device,any time
  • Analyse trends, evaluate service performance, get citizens opinion
  • Budget more effectively

Worried about how your citizens will get to know the new city app? We take care of the marketing and guarantee results!

novoville is a lot more and everything is accessible from a simple browser. Please contact us for a thorough presentation on how you can get your city on the phone of everybody!

Web dashboard

User friendly, powerful cloud dashboard for authorities accessed 24/7. An all-in-one toolkit.

Data Analytics

Enhanced real time analytics and custom reports for data-driven decision making.

Customer Care

Staff training, personalised customer care and online support 24/7.


Native iOS & android apps for citizens. Interact on-the-move.

Integration with existing systems

Easy integration with existing infrastructure.

Guaranteed citizen engagement

We do the marketing and guarantee the results for Local Governments.

Team Members

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