with novoville

Get involved, improve your neighborhood

Report issues, request services, make payments and tell your opinion. Right from your smartphone!

  • Report issues in seconds

Rubbish collection, potholes, housing, street lights and numerous other issues can now be reported directly to your Council. Receive real time updates as they get fixed.

  • Express your opinion

Respond to polls and surveys, comment, evaluate and co-shape the future of your city.

  • Stay informed

Receive announcements, messages and alerts on city events, emergencies and anything else happening around you. Have a live city calendar on your palm.

  • Find answers

Frequently asked questions, procedural details and anything else that will make your interaction with your Council easy.

  • Pay and/or submit a form

Find useful forms, apply, pay online or even call the right department.

  • Points of Interest

Use the interactive maps to locate public buildings or the pharmacies that are currently open.

The Council

in my pocket!

Citizens have access to an extensive list of services that facilitate:

• Payments

• Problem Reporting

• E-forms

• Access to live statistics, KPIs and Council Data

• Surveys and Consultations

• Calendar & reminders

• Messaging: Important announcements, alerts, events etc

• POIs through interactive maps

• Smart FAQ directory for procedural things

• Chat through a smart Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Seen a problem?

Report it on-the-go!

Your report arrives on the screen of the city administration in seconds

1. Mark the location of the issue

2. Snap a photo

3. Select the issue-type

4. Submit!

What is happening

in the city?

Get the latest news, alerts and announcements

Your voice counts!

Respond to small surveys and co-shape the future of your city

Mobile payments

made easy!

Apply or pay straight from your phone!

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