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Engage Citizens & Optimise the operational efficiency of your council

8 out of 10 citizens would use a mobile app to report issues they come across in the city.

Innovate by starting with your citizen and working backwards to your backend and data.

  • Go mobile, connect directly:

No need to design an app from scratch. novoville does this out-of-the-box. Mobile app, web platform, push notifications, facebook app. One account, multiple channels.

  • All your forms, all your data:

Move all your services to the mobile phone of the citizen. Create any type of form and save big in time and resources. Accept payments and monitor live requests.

  • Interactive communication:

Reach your citizens directly using push notifications, in-app messages, sms and emails. Dissemination of city events, news and announcements are now a few clicks away.

  • Consultations for participatory decision making:

Use the power of Chatbots to engage with your community, create polls & surveys and have your citizens give their views straight from their smartphone, facebook or web.

  • Automate processes:

Automated request routing and assignment. Reduced costs, better services.

  • Manage requests from citizens:

A powerful, user friendly CRM improves staff efficiency. Accessed 24/7, no request will remain unanswered. Automated feedback to citizens.

  • Reduce bureaucracy:

Provide citizens a library of answers to common procedural questions reducing staff inquiries.

  • Keep citizens in the loop:

Citizens get real time updates on their requests directly on their smartphone. More information needed? Link them to the right department.

  • Insightful analytics:

Evaluate services performance and citizen satisfaction, define priorities and plan accordingly.

  • Automated reports:

Choose the metrics that matters most, get custom reports and have data visualised according to your needs.

  • Interactive dashboard:

Having real time snapshot of your city is crucial. Citizens, reports, departments, requests, data enhanced city maps and citizens surveys data all in one place.

  • Geolocated data:

Who, what, where. Heat maps, colour coded data pins, problematic areas and other important information visualised on your city map.

  • Multi-channel:

Reach citizens directly using push notifications, in-app messages, sms and emails. Simple editing for announcements, events. Personalized, straight on the smartphone of the citizen.

  • Polls & Surveys:

What citizens think? Create surveys and polls and enable citizen participation. Simple, real-time, cost effective.

  • Effective campaigns:

Create a campaign, choose the targeted audience, the social media channels and we do the rest for you. Telling people who you are or what you did has never been easier.

  • Reputation management:

What is being told about your authority on social media and news sites? We know! Get daily reports about everything discussed for your city and officials.

Intuitive dashboard, data-driven decisions

View a real-time snapshot of your city’s most important metrics and take immediate action.

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