Payments on Novoville are performed using third party payment processors. Novoville cannot interfere and does not interfere with the payment processors mechanism/tools/application. All information relating to electronic payments entered via Novoville is always protected by encryption technology.

Payments processed via the Novoville and the novoville Platform by third party payment processors are subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of those payment gateways and are not accessible or controlled by Novoville and the novoville Platform. For the payments processed via the third party payment processors, we may receive information related to your payment card type, the last four digits and a unique token that does not contain any information for the card itself. Prior to the process of adding a new credit card with the third party payment processors we ask you to verify your billing details namely, full name, email address, mobile phone and postal address from information you have into the Novoville user profile. For your protection and safety the third party payment processors require us to pass these to them for verifying that the credit card belongs to the claimed owner. By creating a link to a payment gateway, we are not we liable for any failure of products or services offered by such a payment processor. You hereby consent that you shall not sue the Novoville and the novoville Platform for any disputes that you may have with the payment gateway for any wrongdoing of the payment processor.

The third party payment processors might charge card with a small amount to verify that the card is valid. This amount is not transferred to any novoville or Novoville app accounts and is always debited back to your card within a timeframe controlled by the third party payment processor.

Requesting a refund for one of your payments is possible within seven (7) days from the payment itself and can be requested by contacting your authority. All requests for refunds will be processed and if approved the payment amount will be debited back to your card within thirty (30) days from the approval.

For additional information, we recommend that you review the third-party payment processor Terms & Privacy-Policy, that we use in your area, namely:

Trikala, Greece using Cardlink SA with webpage

Yermasoyia, Cyprus using Viva Payments with webpage

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