Adopt-A-Tree in Athens!

Adopt-A-Tree is a pilot initiative by the City of Athens to preserve the street trees of the city. The Adopt-A-Tree project lets you search for a street tree near an address (your home, business, school, etc.) through the Novoville app, and commit to keeping it healthy by watering it.

Why should I adopt a tree?

The primary goal of the Adopt-A-Tree pilot initiative is to help young trees survive and get established. The rising heat and lack of water during the summer months causes trees to dry out. It is, therefore, essential that we water them regularly to increase the likelihood of their survival.

Trees have many far-reaching benefits in urban environments. They help remove airborne pollutants, absorb CO2 – the leading driver of climate change – and release large amounts of oxygen. They help cool cities through evapotranspiration and by providing shade; they reduce flooding events and noise pollution; they provide an essential natural habitat for birds; and they bring aesthetic value to our neighborhoods.

How do I go about adopting a street tree?

To adopt your own tree, just follow the 4 simple steps below:

  1. Download the free Novoville mobile app for Android devices from Google Play & for iOS devices from the App Store, or visit the Novoville WebApp on the City’s website by clicking here.
  2. Select ‘My City’ from the main menu and then turn on the filter to view adoptable trees.
  3. Zoom the map to your location, and choose a tree by clicking on it. Lean more information about it, and adopt it by clicking ‘Adopt me’.
  4. You then get reminders every time you need to water your tree.

Each citizen can adopt up to three trees, and the number of people who can adopt a particular tree is up to three as well. By adopting a tree, you are helping to maintain the trees on the streets of Athens, and making a valuable contribution to your neighborhood.