Among over 2,000 govtech startups across Europe seeking to disrupt traditional models for delivering public services, Novoville stands out in Fintechnews Switzerland as one of the leading companies.

While technology is transforming every area of the economy, govtech, which focuses on optimising the efficiency of governments’ operations, promises to change the nature of European societies even more profoundly.

For citizens, govtech promises to improve the quality of public sector delivery across areas including healthcare, transport, decision making and citizen engagement. For policymakers, govtech presents a unique opportunity to accelerate productivity and create jobs.

Across Europe, governments have stepped up to the challenge, and since mid-2018 in particular, govtech schemes have appeared across the continent, offering startups new ways to work with the public sector. Government sponsored initiatives include Govtech Polska in Poland, the annual Govtech Summit in Paris backed by French President Emmanuel Macron, the UK’s Govtech Catalyst competition, as well as programs such as the GovStart accelerator.

In the UK, in particular, the govtech market is estimated to be worth US$26 billion by 2025 with a global valuation of US$400 billion.

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