Bill, fine and permit payments

The Novoville Payment System helps local governments take and manage mobile app payments out-of-the-box.

Making payments can be done through any of the Novoville interfaces: on the council`s app and website, Novoville chatbots, or on the phone.

Novoville automatically notifies citizens that their payment is being processed. Local authorities can tailor the payment system to take direct debits, set up standing orders, process debit and credit cards, or keep up with new technologies like contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Authorities can also sell tickets for transport, events, etc. through the Novoville platform. With our zero-code integration on any of your forms, you reduce friction and increase the efficiency of fare collection.

Cloud-based dashboard

The Novoville dashboard provides real-time visibility of organisational performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Having a snapshot of the entire Novoville platform, including live requests, payments, workflows, communications, surveys and KPIs, takes the stress out of management and promotes transparency.

The visualisation of stats and insights enables accurate, instant and dynamic reporting to the rest of the organisation.

Notified of payment

Pay bill

Automatic processing

Real-time KPIs for local authority

Novoville citiesare performing better

Interaction between local governments and citizens becomes immediate, efficient and cost-effective.

Increased savings

annual savings with online parking payments

Timely payments

reduction in late payments to the council

Reduced costs

transaction cost savings per invoice

Want to see how you can reduce bureaucracy and transaction costs using app payments?

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