Bill, fine and permit payments

Process and manage e-payments on any device with complete peace of mind to reduce your transactions costs, audit complexity, and facilitate crowdfunding initiatives supporting the local community (e.g. adult social care, charities, etc).

Novoville Payments is an out-of-the-box solution enabling local governments to receive, process and manage online payments. Residents can send money to their council conveniently and securely for any number of services, including taxes, bills, fines, transport tickets or permits, even local events. With our zero-code integration on any of your forms, you reduce friction and increase the efficiency of fare collection.

The solution can be accessed from multiple interfaces to suit users` needs (mobile app, web app, website, chatbots), supported by a cloud-based management dashboard for local authorities. Novoville automatically notifies citizens that their payment is being processed.

Local authorities can tailor the payment system to take direct debits, set up standing orders, process debit and credit cards, or keep up with new technologies like contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

Cloud-based dashboard

Novoville brings all the information together in a single management dashboard, giving local authorities complete control over e-payments. This includes managing tickets, prices and concessions, as well as viewing customer, revenue and organisational performance data and KPIs.

The cloud-based dashboard allows for a rapid, low-cost implementation while ensuring security and privacy compliance. It gathers, structures and provides access to real-time information for the whole organisation.

Managing the citizen interfaces from the dashboard requires no technical skills. Changing pricing, for instance, is effortless. The dashboard contains a dynamic list of products, allowing authorities to easily add, remove or edit an option displayed on the apps.

Novoville is therefore an end-to-end application which does not only take payments, but allows authorities to optimise their offer and pricing on an ongoing basis as well. By gathering all paid services in the Novoville apps, authorities provide customers with a hassle-free way of paying — anytime, wherever they are — while reducing their handling costs and improving revenue collection.

Notified of payment

Pay bill

Automatic processing

Real-time KPIs for local authority

Novoville citiesare performing better

Interaction between local governments and citizens becomes immediate, efficient and cost-effective.

Increased savings

annual savings with online parking payments

Timely payments

reduction in late payments to the council

Reduced costs

transaction cost savings per invoice

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