Help shape the future of your city

Engage with your local government, report issues you encounter around you, tell your local elected representatives what you think and pay for services, straight from your smartphone.

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Report issues in seconds

Rubbish collection, potholes, broken traffic signs and numerous other issues can now be reported to your council straight from your smartphone. Submit your request in 5 simple steps and receive real-time updates on its resolution.

Voice your opinion

Respond to polls, participate in surveys, evaluate your council’s performance and help shape the future of your city. Voicing your opinion about important issues that affect your daily life has never been easier.

Stay informed

Receive instant announcements, messages and alerts on your phone about upcoming appointments or events and emergencies around you. Get a calendar view of what’s happening in your city to help you stay informed at all times.

Find answers

Access an extensive directory of Frequently Asked Questions which allows you to find the answers you need quickly. Use our FAQ Chatbot agent to get more information on topics that interest you, just by typing a keyword.

Pay or submit a form

Submit online forms for a number of services, including certificates, permits, event bookings, etc., and make online payments to your council 24/7, wherever you are.

See points of interest

Use the interactive map to locate points of interest, such as council offices, public sites or open pharmacies near you. Have a view of your entire city in your palm.

What can you do with Novoville?

Interact with your local authorities quickly and easily, via the Novoville mobile app, web app and popular chat apps (e.g. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp).

Novoville citiesare performing better

Interaction between citizens and their local authority becomes immediate, efficient and convenient.

Increased performance

of submitted requests are resolved

Reduced time

of submitted issues are resolved within 5 days

Increased engagement

of citizens use the app weekly


What people say about us

Over 80 local authorities and 3 million citizens already have access to Novoville to improve the places they live in