End-to-end Smart Permit & Parking solution

Parking management in modern cities is becoming an increasingly difficult issue to tackle. Novoville offers an integrated intelligent parking system, designed to solve the biggest problems regarding on-street and off-street parking: the accurate real-time information and easy payment process for motorists, the effective management and monitoring of parking operations for local authorities, the reduction of traffic congestion, and the cost-effective law enforcement.

Novoville Parking creates a seamless parking experience from the moment a driver arrives through the reporting of parking activity in the city. We offer a broad range of parking solutions that cohesively work together and integrate with third-party IoT platforms, allowing local authorities to manage their parking operations remotely via our cloud-based software.

Novoville Parking is fully customisable and scalable so that we can provide each authority with the configuration that best meets their needs. One authority might opt to use our full product suite, while another might choose to operate certain elements of our smart parking solution. Novoville Parking operates either autonomously or in conjunction with existing systems.

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Smart Parking app for drivers

Novoville Parking is the convenient, lightning-fast way to park. No more fiddling for change, searching for the nearest parking meter or queuing at a self-service kiosk. Motorists can use the Novoville app to pay for a parking spot right from their mobile device, by simply registering their vehicle registration plate. Parking permits and tickets can also be paid through the app ⁠— quickly, easily and securely.

It only takes a few taps to complete a transaction on the Novoville app, so motorists can avoid the daily hassle and stress of city parking.

  • They find the most convenient or cheapest parking facility
  • Select the parking duration they need
  • Buy parking time instantly or pay in advance for time that they can use later
  • Get reminders before their parking session expires
  • Extend their parking time remotely from the app
  • See permitted parking zones & times
  • View their transaction history & receipts
  • Claim discounts automatically (e.g. Park & Ride, eco-friendly parking permits)
  • Get live notifications about planned works & limited access
  • Find, pre-book and pay for electric vehicle charging
  • Pay for premium services, e.g. car wash, car servicing, MOT test
  • Integrates with ANPR & cameras to pay for road charges (e.g. based on CO2 or NO2 emissions)

Novoville Parking also integrates data from smart parking sensors to inform drivers about the availability of parking spaces in real time. Drivers can type a destination into the Novoville app and be directed straight to an available parking spot, stress-free. By not having to drive around in circles looking for vacant parking space, motorists waste much less time and fuel, lower their individual environmental footprint, and avoid traffic frustration.

Smart mobility extensions

The app enables cities to launch, connect and manage their mobility ecosystems. It integrates all relevant public and private mobility service providers, offering a robust multimodal routing solution that supports intermodal trip planning and diverse payment options. Users can:

  • Look for the best mobility options around them
  • Plan intermodal trips
  • Compare different types of transport
  • Book and buy public transport tickets
  • Book and pay for taxis, rental cars, bikes, scooters, etc.

Parking enforcement app for Civil Enforcement Officers

Novoville’s enforcement app gives officers the easy-to-use tools they need to monitor and report parking violations quickly and accurately. It eliminates manual effort to improve efficiency, and streamlines the ticketing process to generate revenue.

  • Fully branded & customisable mobile app
  • Scans vehicle registration plate to check for active parking session and/or issued parking permit
  • Connects wirelessly to a handheld printing device that issues parking tickets immediately in case of violation
  • Provides the option to attach photo evidence, accurate location, violator notes and internal notes for adjudication
  • Integrates with platform that citizens can access to submit payment
  • Sends real-time data to the central management system to allow for complete control of parking operations in the city

Novoville’s parking enforcement app helps officers succeed in their mission to reduce traffic congestion and make the city a safer and more attractive environment for visitors, businesses and local residents.

Cloud-based parking management dashboard

Novoville`s parking management system brings all the information together on a single dashboard, giving local authorities complete control of their parking operations. This includes capacity, customer data, rate changes, financial transactions, permits, parking fines and more.

The cloud-based dashboard facilitates rapid and low-cost implementation, while ensuring security and privacy compliance. It gathers, analyses and disseminates real-time information on all parking activity, allowing for accurate reporting and data-driven decisions.

The system integrates data from multiple sensors and IoT applications. Motorists have access to real-time information regarding parking availability, while authorities can monitor live and historic occupancy data of individual parking spaces or complete areas, correlated with customer behaviour analytics and payment data.

Novoville Parking helps cities generate additional parking revenue, improve enforcement, reduce traffic and NO2 and CO2 emissions, and enhance the overall quality of life for visitors and residents. It allows them to improve communication with residents through instant messaging and mobile polls, as well as boost community engagement by introducing loyalty and bulk credit schemes for hotels, shopping malls, car rental businesses, etc.

Search for parking facility

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Real-time KPIs for local authority

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Interaction between local governments and citizens becomes immediate, efficient and cost-effective.

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