High-impact consultations & surveys

Novoville Chat Interfaces are a powerful consultation tool. They allow local governments to reach a wide number of citizens quickly to get their perspectives on crucial public affairs, from environmental policies to transportation planning. Consultations can be set up and accessed through social media or a web page.

Short surveys and polls can be easily created on the dashboard and distributed through the Novoville app. It is a simple, cost-effective way to gather valuable feedback and drive civic engagement.

With real-time visibility over trends on their dashboard, government officials can make informed decisions, provide citizens with the services they need, and boost customer satisfaction.

Multi-channel communication

The Novoville Messaging tool makes it easy to reach citizens across multiple channels, including SMS, push notifications, emails and social media.

Messages (ranging from appointment reminders to emergency alerts) can be created on the Novoville dashboard and shared with the target audience instantly — without the need to create different drafts.

By contacting citizens using their preferred medium, local governments can significantly enhance the impact, reach and effectiveness of their communications.

Effective campaign management

Sponsored social media campaigns are an effective tool to get you get your message across, but they can be a daunting task.

The Novoville platform allows government organisations to create compelling campaigns for Facebook and Twitter in a simple and quick way.

Our campaign form allows you to choose your preferred social network, target audience and available budget, upload the desired campaign content (picture and message), and share it immediately.

Reputation management / social media monitoring

The Novoville Reputation Management module delivers vital insights into your government organisation.  

Monitoring conversations, mentions and trends across social and online media helps local governments understand what citizens say about them in real time.

Gaining visibility of your organisation’s online reputation straight on your dashboard, allows you to respond in a timely manner, build relationships, and optimise the services offered to citizens.

Cloud-based dashboard

The Novoville dashboard provides real-time visibility of organisational performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Having a snapshot of the entire Novoville platform, including live requests, payments, workflows, communications, surveys and KPIs, takes the stress out of management and promotes transparency.

The visualisation of stats and insights enables accurate, instant and dynamic reporting to the rest of the organisation.


Give Opinion

Audience analysis


Novoville citiesare performing better

Interaction between local governments and citizens becomes immediate, efficient and cost-effective.

Increased engagement

higher engagement than traditional participation channels

Reduced costs

cost reduction with Chatbot consultations

Increased re-engagement

higher citizen re-engagement on chat interfaces

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