Report: Scottish homeowners` views on making domestic buildings energy-efficient

What are Scottish homeowners' perceptions, needs and challenges when it comes to making domestic buildings more energy-efficient? Our report showcases the results of a large-scale consultation conducted prior to COP26, involving 2,000 homeowners across Scotland.

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UK Survey: Bridging the gap between digital citizens & local authorities

What are citizens' perceptions about the services their local government provides? Our report discusses the results of the national survey, and explores the ways in which digitisation of local services can pave the path to improving citizen satisfaction and engagement.

Guernsey utilises Novoville chatbots to consult with citizens about road safety

Read our customer case study to discover how the States of Guernsey gained more traction, cut down costs and achieved higher citizen re-engagement by conducting their consultation on road safety using Novoville chatbots.

How the City of Athens became more efficient and citizen-centric with Novoville

Read our customer case study to find out how the City of Athens improved communication with citizens, boosted efficiency, and reduced costs and call centre volume within the first 5 months of using the Novoville platform.

From problem-solving to civic engagement

Rapid technological development puts pressure on governments to modernise services and improve citizen satisfaction. Our whitepaper explores how local government in the UK can become more responsive to digital citizens, without creating additional cost burdens.

Using digital methods to improve citizen engagement in local government

Get the insights from the roundtable discussion at Future Cities Catapult, London, on the approach councils need to take for digital customer service design. See how you can design and deliver services in a way that empowers citizens while minimising risks.

Over 80 local authorities and 3 million citizens already have access to Novoville to improve the places they live in

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