Achieving net-zero by 2030 in Scotland will require an 8% reduction in emissions every year and switching the heating supply away from gas in 1 million households. The need for a scalable route to energy efficiency upgrades has never been more urgent.

Construction professionals and local authorities will play a major role in reaching Scotland-wide net-zero. But, homeowners and businesses must also embrace change.

In the lead-up to our participation in COP26, we undertook a large-scale consultation on the issue, gathering responses from 2,000 Scottish homeowners.

This report presents the findings of the consultation, focusing on Scottish homeowners’ needs, challenges, concerns and level of information in terms of increasing energy efficiency in domestic buildings.

Read our survey report to find out:

  • How much Scottish homeowners know about energy efficiency
  • To what degree they have applied energy-efficiency measures to date
  • The key obstacles to a more energy-efficient domestic building
  • How technology can help

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