Novoville Shared Repairs Terms


Please find below links to the terms of use of the Novoville Shared Repairs Application.

Depending on how you engage with the Application, the terms which apply to you may differ.
Please make sure you understand which terms apply to you.

If you are an Application User, Novoville Shared Repairs acquires your consent to either 1- or 2- during the onboarding process. If you are a Trader, Novoville acquires your consent to 3- each time you view a Repair’s details. If you open a Modulr account, you sign up to 4-

1- Lead Proprietor Contract
Who this applies to
A User creating a new tenement in the Novoville app.

2- End-user License Agreement
Who this applies to
A User joining an existing Building.

3- Contract between Novoville and a Trader
Who this applies to
A Trader who receive and email from Novoville inviting them to view a Repair

4- Modulr Introduced Client Contract
Who this applies to
Any user who completes the Modulr signup process on behalf of the Building

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