The new e-Parking System, which we developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Trikala in Greece and the municipal company for urban development, has completed its first month of operation and the data proves that its main objectives have already been achieved, i.e. reducing traffic congestion and providing relief for citizens living on the verge of energy poverty due to the increased cost of electricity.

According to the traffic measurement sensors installed by the Municipality of Trikala, within one month of the system`s operation, the traffic congestion in Trikala decreased by 32%. This means less emissions and less hassle to find an available parking space, as evidenced by another fact: the average parking time was reduced by a full 6.5 hours (from 9.5 hours to just 3 hours). Accordingly, the probability of finding a parking space increased by 50%.

At the same time, through the system, revenues corresponding to 28,000 kilowatt hours (KWh) were collected, which will be donated to financially vulnerable citizens who are included in the welfare structures of the Municipality of Trikala. These kilowatt hours are equivalent to paying the monthly electricity bills of approximately 60 households. The new e-Parking System of the Municipality of Trikala is the 1st controlled parking system in Greece with direct return of revenues to financially vulnerable households.

The available data confirms the adoption of the system by citizens, as, in the first month of its operation, 4,700 users were registered in the Novoville app and 14,200 successful parking transactions were completed, corresponding to 1,200,000 minutes (20,000 hours) of total parking time. In addition, 510 resident parking permit applications were submitted.

The Mayor of Trikala Dimitris Papastergiou emphasized the fact that the system “makes it easier for the city to breathe, it facilitates our efforts for a cleaner city, so that people with disabilities can easily move around, pedestrians and cyclists can use more roads and sidewalks. A friendly and functional city can only exist if we all contribute. As we identify issues along the way, we discuss them and provide solutions for the best possible outcome”.

Read the official Press Release on the Municipality of Trikala`s website, here.